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CECILIA BANKE, Chiropractor




The changes in reflexes, coordination and spatial awareness that allow toddlers to explore their environment is incredible. New pathways are stimulated and the brain is developing rapidly. In the toddler years parents are encouraged to stimulate development of changes by playing games of coordination, balance and movement with their toddlers to reinforce the amazing progression in their children.


This is even more important if there have been any developmental delays or disabilities detected. During this time, the arches in their feet begin to develop (around 3 years old); children fall over, bump and bruise themselves, and start developing movement patterns that may continue into later life. 

Chiropractic Care for Kids

Chiropractors are ideally suited to monitor developmental milestones and support parents in stimulating their child's development. Autism and Cerebral Palsy are common conditions that parents often use Chiropractic care to assist with. Recurrent middle ear infections and respiratory disorders can also respond to Chiropractic care.




Primary school kids develop much more strongly in their personalities and go through significant growth spurts. Those that are highly competitive in sport often experience groin, thigh and knee injuries, while those more lethargic and sedentary can begin to develop back pain and headaches. Important to stress is that playing video games or excessive time in front of the computer can cause neck, shoulder and back problems that often become more serious in their later teenage years.


Carrying heavy and ill fitted schoolbags may cause muscle imbalances, shoulder and neck pain as well as postural disorders such as scoliosis. As the leg bones tend to grow unevenly during growth spurts, this can often result in excessive stresses and strains on the hip and knees

Chiropractic for Teens and Young Adults

The mysterious "growing pains" that many children experience are usually due to the effects of this uneven growth and the stress it causes the muscles, ligaments and cartilage- particularly of the legs. 

Chiropractic can help alleviate some of the symptoms of joint stress, and parents are often additionally taught simple massage techniques and stretches that will give their child relief till the growth spurt stabilises.


The manipulative techniques that Chiropractors are well known for generally start to be used during this age, though some Chiropractors (and parents) may prefer to continue with the non-manipulative styles used in younger children.


It is always up to you which style of adjustments you prefer for your child. One approach is not necessarily better than another. We are all different and many adults prefer non-manipulative techniques for themselves as well, and there is no hard and fast rule as to which technique best suits a given situation or condition.


Chiropractic for NEWBORNS